Enjoy Buying a used car

Have you ever been to a dealership that made you feel uncomfortable?  Sat there thinking , if I did not have to do this to buy a used car I would skip it all together?  Have you ever not understood all of the terms in your used car deal and felt like they were making it harder than it has to be?
You are not alone, it is because of this fact that we decided to try our hand at starting a dealership.  We are with you, buying a car is like getting a root canal from a doctor you do not trust.


At Dalton Auto Sales, LLC we put the customer first.  We are very selective with the cars we buy, and no matter how much they cost we run them through a local shop and have a local company detail them.  We might only have 20 used cars on the lot, but when you walk in you will not feel like you are at a little dealership.  We have all of the tools that the bigger dealerships have, and we use them to have a conversation.  Do you want to know why a car is priced like it is?  Just ask and we will show you.  

We are all about having nice used cars, and delivering a great customer experience.  I personally think this is a simple thing.  So no matter if you live in Massillon, Canton, Canal Fulton, Orrville, Wooster or right here in Dalton we will make it fun to buy a used car again.  Give us a chance and you will see why we started this in the first place!

Thank you for reading this.

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